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Microsoft makes it easier to preview Windows apps

Should you be looking to get a peek at what cool features are reaching Windows apps in later life, then you just about need to run an Insider build. But Microsoft realizes that some folks can't run beta software at their machine, and that's why it's making your way to test apps inside retail versions associated with the OS. At once, a handful of Windows 10 apps appear to have been opened up let users see what's coming down the pipeline, despite their Insider status.

The software was gotten by, and currently enables would-be testers to preview Windows Camera, Microsoft Photos, Alarm, in addition a handful of other apps. Microsoft isn't saying so much about how this will work in future, although Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc did what is program's existence. During a tweet, LeBlanc wrote "This is us just working to make it easier for people want to test app updates for both Insider builds or retail." Hopefully, with the not-too-distant future, we can easily all put our two cents in and start making these apps the top they can be.


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